Improve Customer Experience

Feedback, Ratings

Great customer experience drives repeat customers

Let your servers wait on customers, not the other way around

Customers can order & pay faster

Cloud Based Data Management

Cloud Data Managemet

Anywhere, on any device, anytime

No new equipment or software

Keep your data safe on the cloud

Track sales, update prices & place orders wherever you are

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Digitize Your F&B Space

Promote your brand both online or offline

Immediately update information like your bio, menus, events, and offers

Amplify Your Reach


Collect customer information

Automate targeted engagement

Open up convenient online channels to order wherever customers find you

Know your customer

Track customers and their culinary habits

Connect with customers before, during, and after visits

Collect easy feedback

Boost Operational Efficiency by Upto 20%

Operational Efficiency

Instant ordering increases table turnover time

Staff save time

Staff use extra time personalizing customer service

Boost Sales by Upto 30%

Beautiful menu with images helps sell more

Recommendations and suggested pairings help upsell

Features and Benefits

How Kumba Helps?