Meet Kumba

Your next-gen restaurant assistant


What if we told you that you could...

Optimise your operations

Efficiently manage your labor and resources. Let Kumba assist your customers at each table, at zero additional cost.

Speedy payment & checkout

Turn your tables faster with Kumba's online payments and checkout.

Know your customers better

Target your customers by using insights from their previous orders.

Collect feedback

Constant feedback from customers is important to improve your services. Kumba makes this convenient by taking feedback internally.

Get real time updates

Send notifications to customer and staff to keep them updated about the order.

Manage your orders on-the-go

Manage orders from anywhere, anytime. Keep an eye on your staff's productivity.

Send personalised offers

Send offers that are relevant to customers to increase the chances of conversion.

Digitize your restaurant

Kumba helps you promote your restaurant by giving access to your live menu to anyone viewing it online inside or outside the restaurant.

Kumba makes it easy

Here's how it works


Scan the QR Code

Customers can access your menu on their phones without any app download!


Kitchen/Cashier Display

Orders placed can be displayed on any device.


Select items

Customers can select their preferred items with customised options and add those to the cart.


Manage orders

Track and manage orders from anywhere!



With online payments, customers can use their most preferred online payment methods to complete the transaction almost instantly.


Food delivered

Bon appetit!


The Kumba promise

Hassle-free setup

Seamless ordering experience

Increased revenue

Reduced Costs

Improved Efficiency

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Kumba is a (suite of business tools) one stop solution for F&B businesses that provides a complete online ordering and engagement solution for brands across channels.

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